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The quick solution to get rid of your wrinkles! One of the latest weapons in the armamentarium of anti-aging is a chemical agent called BOTOX®. Look for your active wrinkle lines in your brow and around your eyes. These wrinkles may give you that angry look. These animation lines are caused by facial muscle contractions that we use to express our emotions. As we age, these lines become engraved into our faces as wrinkles, lending character and personality, but are also signs of our advancing age. BOTOX® temporarily softens these bothersome animation lines in the brow, around the eyes, and even along the neck.

In the past decade, BOTOX® has found great uses in medicine for stroke victims, ophthalmology and most recently aesthetic surgery. It is very safe. The agent works by blocking nerve impulses as they approach the facial muscle causing the animation lines. BOTOX® is injected through a tiny needle into specific facial muscles which cause the wrinkles to disappear. The procedure takes under a minute. You will feel brief discomfort during the injection only. There is no recovery time. The BOTOX® begins working in three to seven days. It lasts initially between three and four months. Upon repeated injections, the effect may be longer and up to six months. As the effect begins to wear off, the injection is repeated. It takes two to four injections per year to maintain the result.  

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